Kauko is a specially engineered biosynthetic lifeform created by the OTC Genetic Specialty Project to leapfrog genetics research. Created from the seed of artificial intelligence, their customized organic body allows them to change species and other variables on demand, using an RFID antenna located on the back of their neck.
GSP Subject 04-012
COREID 0000-0010-C31E
Home Planet: Masai-03

Primary Form Index

King cheetah
Acinonyx jubatus
Genemap F-06-A

The king cheetah is Kauko's base form. At creation, Kauko associated with the genetic mutation of the king cheetah, and it is embedded as their default.

Canis lupus
Genemap C-01

The wolf became a staple for Kauko after exploring being away from feline for a longer term. Powerful and smart, hunting skills are put to use.

Vulpes splendidus
Genemap indecipherable

Time rift detected, approximate relative frame -20 years. Error inferring morphological boundries: airborne glitter density too high.

Secretary bird
Sagittarius serpentarius
Genemap EX-AV-49

The secretary bird form was vital during a time of transition for Kauko, and sports such features as long tailfeathers and kicky legs.

Canis lupus familiaris
Genemap unknown

Kauko's desire for something fluffier and waggier than a wolf came about, and thus so did the moot.

Draco minimus
Genemap unknown

After a run in with some dragons, Kauko found themselves made a kobold, more capable of exploring caves and other small areas.

and more...

With Kauko's ability to shapeshift, many other forms have been taken.

Gryphon, reindeer, arcanine, and more..!



Kauko can change forms by sending an encrypted DNA sequence to the RFID antenna on the back of their neck. Control software can be found on their datapad.

After receiving this pattern, the control system sends a signal to the rest of the body to copy the new sequence.

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Kauko has two different kinds of fully artificial bodies available to switch into.

A synthetic android frame for lighter duty jobs, such as field work.

A fully mechanical robot frame for heavier duty work, including EVA.


The Universal Network Discovery Mesh includes stories and other information about the universe Kauko lives in.

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Telegram: @kauko
Discord: Kauko#6237
MUCKs/IRC: Kauko